Adventure Worth Sharing

The Adventure Worth Sharing initiative is Adventures Accessed way of paying it forward for the communities we serve. It brings our comprehensive, all inclusive team programs to companies who want to strengthen culture and build camaraderie while providing the opportunity to give back beyond the annual volunteer day.

For every program we provide to a corporate team, we will provide a custom program to our community partners serving Chicago’s youth, in the form of a sponsorship on behalf of the participating company. It’s the buy-one-give-one model that will leave a lasting impression on everyone we reach with this program.

It is our answer to how corporate teams do off-site training, leadership development and all the things employees should look forward to at work. Companies have a need to retain employees, strengthen team members’ character and to be at the forefront of career advancement. Companies especially have a need to give back to the community, or to fulfill their corporate social responsibility.


Meet the Ryan Banks Academy, our first Adventure Worth Sharing community partner. The Ryan Banks Academy is Chicago's first tuition-free, inner city, co-ed residential boarding school for underserved children grades 7th through 12th. RBA will combine a high-quality, future-facing STEAM curriculum with an integrated social-emotional education in order to propel students out of poverty and into the next generations of leaders, thinkers, and world-changers. Our first class launched with 7th grade students in Fall 2018.

Our goal is to ensure the students at Ryan Banks Academy have a spring-break filled with outdoors, STEAM activities and leadership development. We’ll be delivering on a program that will engage the students in a 2-part program that will build familiarity and confidence in the outdoors and culminate in a backcountry trip to one of our National Forests.

Since 2015 Adventures Accessed has excelled in building and delivering custom experiential programs for groups and teams. The pure benefits of outdoor immersion are second to none and the relationships we’ve seen flourish around the campfire are no coincidence. This isn’t your off-site picnic, your trust falls in the conference room and it sure isn’t your happy hour. This is pure human interaction created through the raw, human experience of team collaboration, self discovery and of course, having fun in our National Forests.


for the individual

The facts are employees simply don’t stay with employers as long as they used to. Hiring and training new-hires is expensive and hard. Today, employees want to know their company is invested in them, their growth and are committed to doing good.


for the company

Culture. An engaging, inclusive culture not only retains employees but increases output. Employees stick around for strong company culture and stronger co-worker relationships. And no stronger relationships are made than around the campfire.

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for the community

We’ve been working closely with schools and community organizations to bring outdoor enrichment opportunities to youth who may not have the resources to experience the wilderness as children. It’s in our mission to make the outdoors more diverse and equitable and we’re inviting companies to support this human right in creating accessibility to nature.

our methods

Anyone knows that in order to produce positive outputs, you gotta put some work in, make sacrifices and be vulnerable. Enter the backcountry. A beautiful yet unpredictable arena of life and discovery. Throughout the journey, perhaps 3, 4 or 5 days long, team members must learn to trust each other in times of adversity, challenge and awe.

Through a mix of mindful and technical exercises, groups are challenged to learn new skills, expand their comfort zones, connect, laugh and grow. And under the pitch dark sky, around a campfire in that secluded piece of forest, the fibers of trust and connection take root.

We get it - time is at a premium. Consider a program a superbly high-yielding investment in your company which can, at a minimum, bond team members, increase individuals problem solving and creativity and among others, produce a more optimistic and joyful group. A multi-day program that has a positive output like sharing the experience for local youth says the organization cares about people inside and outside of the company walls. It’s a statement to the development of staff’s soft-skills and well-being and a commitment to the development of the next generation.

Here’s some key points for the Adventures Accessed way, in short form.

The 3-day effect. A phenomenon that occurs in our brains after 3 days or more of exposure to nature. Dopamine goes up while cortisol goes down. Mood, creativity and problem solving increase and a sense of peacefulness begins to take shape. After 3 days of immersion in nature, we experience higher abilities to retain information and focus. Nature makes us happier and smarter. Read Your Brain on Nature by Florence Williams in National Geographic for the science of it all.

What’s included when a company books a program through the Adventure Worth Sharing initiative?

Start with what every single one of our programs covers:

Custom Programming. Each program designed by Adventures Accessed is done in collaboration with our partnering organization. This ensures groups have a say in what their team-members experience, helps manage expectations and also gives groups the opportunity to lay a foundation for accomplishment.

The Adventures Accessed Standard of Service. This encompasses our full outfitting, transportation, food and expertise.

  • Groups are fully outfitted with all the gear they’ll need to thrive in the wilderness. No one should go to a retailer and drop $1,000 + for gear that will be used once. Our gear is hand picked and top notch. Promise.

  • Transportation is included via our Blue Whale. Pick up and drop off at your office, favorite coffee shop, or wherever we can wrangle the team together.

  • Food. We promise nutritious and accommodating meals throughout our time under the stars. Opt in for a backcountry chef to make professional meals and redefine the definition of living.

  • You’ll be in qualified hands with our guides, trained in wilderness medicine, leadership and team building, risk management, naturalist studies and more. Good people.

Finally, the reason we’re doing this whole Adventure Worth Sharing. To ensure our community’s youth have the opportunity to connect with nature, build confidence, work on relationships to self, others and the planet and so much more. Together we can provide experiences to youth that serve as life-lessons, transforming perspectives and memories strong enough to ensure a generation will not be ignored because of skin color, geography or economics. All people deserve the chance to build an intimate relationship with nature and to learn the lessons of the wild.

adventure worth sharing faq

How long do programs last? This is a 4 day, 3 night program. It’s non-stop connection and adventure so get those Out of Office notices up to speed!

And what will we be doing out there? Start with stretching the legs on scenic trails through large expanses of our National Forests. Decompress with fresh air, solitude and wildlife. Strengthen relationships with your team through fun, unique challenges; push barriers on night hikes; learn sweet outdoor skills for bragging rights. But honestly, prepare to be disconnected from tech and “the world” and have an open mind to connect with your team. Strong relationships are created over experiences that are new, challenging and memorable. This is where it happens.

How many people come on each program? 6-10 is our sweet spot. Yes, we can accommodate more, but it is our philosophy that smaller groups provide more intimate interactions and produce stronger results. Also keep in mind we are visiting wilderness areas where our impact is multiplied with each individual.

Is camping experience a requirement? Nope, our guides are wonderful helpers. And learning is a large part of each curriculum.

How about a fitness level? Individuals of all types, fitness levels, physiques etc. have thrived on our programs. Our barometer is hiking with a pack over rolling terrain for 3 miles, without stopping. We’re not racing and we’re definitely not trying to make anyone feel out of shape - so long as we get to our destination, we’re solid so don’t sweat it.

In case of Emergency? Things happen. Our guides are trained to handle anything that can happen out there. While out in the field we are capable of reaching emergency services if needed and we always carry plans to evacuate the backcountry in haste. Our partners at the Forest Service are kept in contact and will know our general operating area. We’ve got this covered.