Team Development and Leadership Crucibles

The young men of the Indy Racers, U 14 and U 16 after a 3 day crucible; Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association 2017

The young men of the Indy Racers, U 14 and U 16 after a 3 day crucible; Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association 2017

Take on the challenges of outdoor immersion to build and strengthen the individual athlete and the team as a whole. Our Team Development and Leadership Crucibles are 360 degree programs that build skills to create athletes who give more and win more.

Crucibles are two and three day events taking place entirely outdoors, at various locations that offer open space and lack amenities. Teams are exposed to a mix of mindful and technical exercises that push physical limits and engage the mind through long days under the sun and short nights under the stars. Crucibles are challenging. It is through the experience of shared suffering, maximum effort and continual acts of camaraderie that teams are bonded in ways that do not occur on the field, the ice or in the weight-room.


Team first

It’s our experience in leading groups in the wilderness that the strongest pillar of success is the strength of the team. Teams that view themselves as one unit function better than teams that view themselves as different players and there is no better opportunity to bond a unit than through an enduring challenge in an adverse environment.


athletic mindset

The athletic mindset is how we approach problems in real time. To overcome obstacles athletes will develop agility, flexibility and creativity in the worlds of problem solving, risk management and more. Talent is most powerful when used at the right time, under the right circumstance and using the athletic mindset, athletes can build on their specific sport intellect.


extracting the leader

Consider this the proving ground for those who have something to prove and for those who may have hidden talents. Under stressful circumstances, find out who rises to the occasion and who falls shy of expectations. Through long, physical days, athletes are poised to make decisions and delegate. How decisions are received and how they are delivered can be telling.

We use the same model to build Crucibles as we do to build our non-sports team programs. Starting with an interview with coaches we examine team goals and what coaches believe their team needs in order to get to the next level. Within this discussion we learn about team dynamics, team captains and any strengths or weaknesses. From there we build a program and itinerary to review with the coaches for feedback. This ensures the program is built to the exact needs of the squad and maintains accountability for our work.

Once a program and itinerary is established we provide a specific packing list, along with expectations for players and chaperones who may attend. Adventures Accessed provides two coaches to lead the program and an additional chaperone to aid in meal preparation should the group size require.

All food and lodging are provided. Transportation may be required by teams/parents depending on team location and size.

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About the coaches:

Aaron Wolf is the founder of Adventures Accessed. Pairing his experience in the Marine Corps with leading wilderness programs, Aaron takes pride in delivering thoughtful and challenging programs that bring the best out of young people. Aaron believes that lessons and skills learned through adversity in the backcountry transfer to a simpler process of leading and making decisions back at home. Aaron has found that the best way to serve our population for the future is to empower the youth today.

Marcelino Riley is the founder of Go Infinite Training. Known as the Infinite Ninja, Marcelino is a professional athlete and trainer, having appeared twice on American Ninja Warrior. Utilizing his philosophies of functional movement, clean eating and dedication to the process, Marcelino has impacted thousands of people through his coaching. From after school programs for Chicago youth to one-on-one sessions with adults, Marcelino is dedicated to the betterment of the whole person and improvements to quality of life.