The white river, manistee national forest

The White River is currently earning its national scenic designation, which means it will not only be protected but means this is a river that is rich in wildlife and biodiversity. Something indeed worth preserving for the ages.

Take a Friday off to hike through the back-country with us and we'll camp near the river. Sit quietly and spot an otter. Look up and find a bald eagle cruising overhead for fish. We can build then test our navigation skills with a map and compass to find the South Fork where we can ford the river and explore the savanna.

Or find that perfect spot and make base-camp for the duration of our time in the forest together. Take it easy at a site already developed or call on your group members to create a primitive paradise that will enable you to thrive. 

Deploy: Lace 'em up for our 6:15 a.m Friday departure from Osmium Coffee, 1117 W Belmont in Chicago. The van (the Blue Whale) leaves at a prompt 6:30 a.m.

Embark: Hit the trails at 1:30 p.m Eastern for destination White River

Return: The Blue Whale awaits to steer us home on Sundays, 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Until next time, White River.