Yoga and nature. Has there ever been such a perfect couple?

By now you're saying, "yeah, that DOES sound sweet, I'd love to practice yoga in the serenity of a peaceful forest with birds chirping, sun shining and smiles growing". Well here's your chance and as long as our knowledgeable partners at EarthFoodYoga enjoy working with us, then hey, it. is. on!

Take a look at our current outing for Memorial Day weekend, leaving Friday May 27th and returning Sunday, May 29th. We're going to the Hidden Lakes area of the Manistee National Forest. Pricing is $400-$475 for the whole shabang. 

Dates and prices will vary for each outing but you can count on this for every single backcountry yoga experience:

  • Full outfitting for camping gear
  • Round trip transportation
  • Daily yoga led by EarthFoodYoga
  • Daily meals prepared by EarthFoodYoga
  • Holistic activities
  • Backcountry lessons by Adventures Accessed
  • Rejuvenation, relaxation and smiling faces