Meteor Showers

Star-gazing will always hold a spot on the itinerary and sometimes we get to see that rogue star ripping across the sky. But since when is one shooting star ever enough? Let's take a stab at watching an interstellar phenomenon together, under a pitch black sky in the peacefulness of the forest.


Lyrids Meteor Shower - April 21-23

This is a triple crown for 2018. 1) Our first backcountry trip of the season! 2) It covers Earth Day! 3) Meteor Shower. Duh.

You can thank your lucky stars for this - or Comet Thatcher (the source of the Lyrid meteors). Take a ride to the Hickory Ridge with us where we will hike during the day and skywatch at night. The trees will be budding at this time with tons of open sky to peer at. Temps should be mild - perfect for camping . Set an azimuth to the NE and observe. 


Perseids Meteor shower - August 11-13

The Perseids are among the greatest displays of falling stars we have the opportunity to see. Because of a new moon, conditions are expected to be perfect for a dark sky. Get ready for bright, fiery stars with long-lasting tails streaking across the sky.

Join us at the Hidden Lakes to watch the show over reflecting water and under open skies.


Orionids meteor shower - October 20-22

Ah, the peak of autumn camping. Enjoy changing leaves by day and an astronomical good time by night. Peaking on the 21st of October, the Orionids will compete with a full moon for star-gazers' attention - but that's alright. Ever wander the forest by moonlight? It's a memorable experience.

We're heading back to the Hidden Lakes to share one of our favorite spots. If conditions are right we'll fill the days with exploration and wildlife viewing.


GEminids meteor shower - december 13-16

With great risk comes great reward. Sometimes. For this time, we're gonna say "yes, great rewards abound!" Uh-huh, we're aware of December camping BUT the Geminids are the best show of the year with up to 100 meteors streaking per hour! Plus, we're heading way down south to the mild, late season climate of the Shawnee National Forest. Exact area is TBD but we're stoked. Officially stoked.