Immersive Capstone Programs

We've said this before: the youth are our decision-makers-to-be. Before we know it we'll be looking to our future leaders to make the choices that serve our communities as best as possible. 

It's our belief that the foundation of an informed and connected member of the global community is made from real-life experience and has overcome real-life challenges. We also believe that there is no better educator, healer or source of inspiration than our wilderness. By leveraging the lessons of the outdoors we help our young adults build a compassionate, community-first and critically thinking mindset which is highlighted by our series of thoughtful, recreational challenges while immersed in our wild spaces.

Young adults will be exposed to a STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art and math) based itinerary while learning outdoor skills such as land navigation, fire starting techniques, Leave No Trace ethics, shelter improvisation, cooking over the campfire and more.

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