Relax, Chicago

The city is big and beautiful, action packed and exciting. While we often find solace in our homes after a busy day at work it can still be tough to find a spot where peace and quiet is actually an option. No matter where we live in Chicago, we're just a few blocks away from a major thoroughfare where the El roars overhead; or the air-brakes and BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP of a bus are disrupting our quiet time. Sirens echo off of buildings at any time of day and not to mention our neighbors who at some point just need to stop it.

We've got a number of parks, thanks to an excellent parks and recreation system but those too can prove to be just as tough to enjoy peacefully with busy roads, sports leagues and your common, screaming young-in. So where's a place to find some quiet, throw up a hammock, read a book or romance your hot date? 

The lakefront, between Belmont Harbor and Diversey Harbor, that's where. I often find peace along the large concrete steps where noise can only be shared from one direction.

Without any structures within several blocks from just one direction (the west), noise can't echo and can only die in the eastbound winds towards the lake. Cyclists and other passersby seem to blend in to the scene as they're there for similar reasons and if your're up front for the lake's serenade you'll never even know a couple of people had passed. 

The lakefront offers one-of-a-kind views which provide pastel-filled sunsets, boats sailing in the distance, a calm breeze and the wishy-washy-splash-blurp that mysteriously soothe us into a state of relaxation.

Bring a book, bring a friend and connect with the natural beauty.

See you out there,