The Maiden Post

Enjoy the original musings of Adventures Accessed's happiest camper (and founder), Aaron. Expect to see updates, thoughts, poor jokes and enthusiasm in this project to connect Chicago with the outdoors.

Whew, now that the intro is done I can finally speak my mind and if I had to say one thing at all, well it'd probably be what he (I) said above (see? poor joke). Really though, I'm absolutely thrilled to share the adventures and good times ahead and even more excited to meet new people and to try new things.  

I've got one suggestion for the spring that you may help you appreciate the season and what it can do for us visually. As you walk around the city, the trees are dotted with green, red or white specs called buds. They don't look like much as you walk by but if you can get close enough, I encourage you to go face to face with one of these buds and see what intricacies they hold. It could be the start of a magnificent flower on the neighbors catalpa or a bright green cluster of leaves waiting to unfurl on one of the many maples. Whatever tree or shrub or plant it is, if it's budding I promise you'll see something you've never seen before, you just need to make the effort to see for yourself.