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Join us as we partner with the team at Lost Travel as the official outfitters for the Driftless 250.

Bonus! A portion of proceeds go to support the River Alliance of Wisconsin.

We’re bringing the full service experience to outfit, transport and guide Chicago’s wandering souls through the Driftless 250 and we want to represent.

What is the driftless 250

The Drifty 250 is an unsupported adventure that takes place in the beautiful Driftless Region of Southern Wisconsin. Just like any other trip with Adventures Accessed, unsupported means we’re carrying all our gear and food, but this time it’s a little different.

In three separate legs, we’ll bike, canoe then bike again for a total of 250 miles over one week.

drifty details

We love the mystery of how the trip plays out.

The Driftless 250 will start somewhere near Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The exact start line is a secret but about a month before the event you’ll be mailed a hunk of wood with the GPS coordinates engraved on it, courtesy of Lost Travel.

There will be no arrows to follow or mile markers. One reason to roll with us.

Leg 1: Bike from the start line to somewhere near Sauk City. The route we take is up to us. This will take less than a day if we’re less than average bicyclists. (~25 miles)

Leg 2: Canoe down the Wisconsin River to the Mississippi, at Wyalusing. Again, the route we take is up to us but it’s recommended not paddling against the current. This leg could take 3-5 days. 8, if we lose our oars and have to paddle with our hands. (~100 miles)

Leg 3: Bike from Wyalusing to the finish line. The route we take is up to us. By this point we should be pros. This leg is probably 2 days; more if we paddled fast, less if we paddle slow. (~125 miles)

The finish line is also a secret, but we'll get that info at the start line. It'll be somewhere near Madison, Wisconsin, USA and we'll be greeted with a cold beer, according to Lost Travel. Scroll to the bottom of this link for a FAQ.

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Cost to run the Driftless 250 with Adventures Accessed is $695.00 and includes entry to the event, full outfitting of camping gear, canoe (+PFD, oars), transport to and from, guide, food at camp and some warm and fuzzy feelings somewhere in there.

Don’t want to haul your bike from Chicago? Rent one on-site from Wheel & Sprocket for an additional $150

Join our drifty team

You better believe we’re forming a squad. Roll with us and we’ll ensure you’re properly outfitted, fed and um…supervised. Heck, we’ll even drive you there and back. Just like any Adventures Accessed trip, we’ll outfit, transport, lend our expertise throughout and keep you fed at camp. Skip the monstrous expense of buying the gear, the time in maintaining and all the planning. We’ve got you covered with the top of the line gear:

  • Tent/hammock shelter

  • 65L Pack

  • Camp stove, pots, fuel

  • Sleeping bag, liner and pad

  • Water filtration and hydration bladder

  • 15 L dry bag for sleeping bag

    13 L dry bag for clothing

And all the little campy stuff in between.

Logistics and planning

Seems like quite the undertaking!

We’re leaving Chicago at 2 PM, Saturday, May 11. Pick up at Osmium Coffee, 1117 W Belmont - Chicago

Returning around 10 PM, Saturday, May 18. Back to Osmium.

We won’t pass up the chance to grab a snack at any one of the small towns we cruse through, keep some cash handy. While on bikes plan to stop for lunch and or dinner. We’ll cover all the grub for the river as well as breakfast on land. Can’t start the day hungry or Mom will have a fit.

Stay tuned for in-person Q&A sessions for those who are interested.