Everyone deserves the chance to experience nature in it's most raw form, to see what man can not create in an office and to feel true awe in the presence of old growth trees, natural springs and wildlife. Perhaps the greatest thing we can do for the natural world is to introduce our young to the places we come from and liaise a respectful and loving relationship for our natural resources. The kids are our future leaders after all and though we do what we can right now to make sure the places we love are here for them tomorrow, we must recognize the potential our youth have when their time comes to take the reins.  

Kids and families have different needs in the outdoors and we're thrilled to help you, your family, Scout and Brownie troops, and spiritual groups get outdoors to have bonfires and s'mores, bewilderment and memories. 

Take a look at our Experiential Learning Capstone courses for those kids who are on the up-and-up. Courses range for ages 12 to 19. 2017 dates to be announced.

Please give us a call or an email so we can make your next family or youth adventure the one to beat.