First Days in Chicago

What a day. No, what a week! I haven't been this excited since I was brought from the suburbs to Chicago. Have you ever been to the suburbs? I just sat there...for days. But now that I've  been in the city for a couple of weeks I've been goin' wacky bananas driving on roads and taking names. 

Since coming to Chicago I've left Chicago for like, days at a time. I really showed my worth to the new guy while driving the treacherous forest roads in the Hoosier and got to showcase my blue whaleness all over the Midwest, going camping and stuff. It's been a great way to get my tires wet with this new gig hauling campers and nature lovers out of Chicago.

In the process of learning the ropes I got pretty filthy. Filthy like any analogy you can think of. As you can imagine it was time to wersh off so I went to this spa, had like a bunch of other cars there. Puny cars, can't even fit 8 people. Seriously, what's the point of existing if you can't move Octomom's clan all at once? Anyway, back to point: this spa did things right. Got me all soapy and had half a dozen people rubbin me down. Let me tell you, a pressure washer in the right panel is a reaaaalllly something.  

Yes, a relaxing day at the spa indeed and now that I'm all rested up it's time to take on the next adventure...