Sand Ridge State Park and Trap Shoot


More than 150 miles of trails and fire lanes await you in Illinois' largest state forest. Named after massive sand deposits left by runoff of the receding Wisconsin glacier, this natural wonder provides a contradictory understanding to the term "prairie state" through its deceptive southwestern ecology.

Once you're done exploring, we'll head over to the trap range and test our shotgun skills by blasting clays. What better way to wrap up a couple days of hiking?

  • Deploy: Bring your adventurous side to the launchpad,Osmium Coffee, 1117 W Belmont., at noon.
  • Embark: The less than three hour drive will breeze by despite any traffic snags near the concrete jungle.
  • Return: After three days and two nights uncovering this hidden Midwestern gem, your arms expert will await you at 9:00 a.m. to shoot clays in a sportsman's match of brawn and honor when you'll compete for a "top shot" prize that is most desirable. May the best man (or woman) win. Eventually, you'll land in Chicago around 4 p.m.