Northwoods Backpacking and White Water Rafting


What comes to mind when you imagine the Northwoods of Wisconsin? Likely, thoughts of conquering rugged terrain, high-fiving flannel-clad moose, and the melodies of a deep wilderness that serenade you to sweet slumber. You've bushwhacked beyond the dairy farm and found yourself, unmistakenly, in bear country, where you're left to discover, accomplish and connect in a backcountry that will leave you awestruck. This is where wildlife reign and you will, too. You earn every step in the Northwoods and you're sure to want a good rinse by the end.

That's why we've teamed up with local river guides who will arm you to combat the temperamental Pesthigo River. You'll navigate Class 3 — and occasionally, Class 4 — rapids to "wersh the campers' stank." Live it up while you can. 

  • Deploy: We'll peace out of Chicago at 6:30 a.m. from Osmium Coffee, 1117 W Belmont.
  • Embark: The five-hour road trip is well worth your destination. We'll be sure to stop at a geographical landmark that marks the halfway point between the North Pole and the equator.
  • Return: After three nights of roughing it, we'll retrieve you from the wild at 11 a.m. for your natural bath in the rapids. After rafting, we'll make the pilgrimage back to Chicago. Don't worry, you'll snooze during the drive. Maybe we'll wake you for a pitstop at Mars Cheese Castle.